Seed Savers Exchange

We have all been looking into our seed catalogs this month, planning our gardens and preparing our seed orders.  As prices of nursery grown annuals and perennials continue to increase, many have started to buy their own seeds, plant them in trays around March and introduce them to their gardens in May.

But you may have noticed that seed prices are also on the rise.  So, this year I ordered from Seed Savers Exchange.  I have a paper catalog that entertained my need to view plants but ordered online.  I was even allowed to save on shipping costs!

Compared to seed packets that I could buy at big box stores, the variety and quantity of seeds available at a very affordable price helped with my decision.  You may pay a couple of dollars for a seed packet that contains 5-15 seeds locally but if you are planting large garden products, being able to pay $4 for, in this case, 250 coneflower seeds is a relief.  Seed Savers Exchange will even sell seed by the ounce for those really big projects. Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit organization that preserves and shares heirloom seeds. Heirloom seeds are varieties of plants that have been passed down from generation to generation and are not genetically modified or patented by corporations. By saving and exchanging these seeds, the organization aims to protect biodiversity, promote organic gardening, and celebrate cultural diversity. Seed Savers Exchange operates a seed bank with over 20,000 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers, and publishes a catalog and a magazine. Anyone can join the organization and participate in seed swaps, workshops, and events.

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